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Crossing the bridge Youth Entrepreneurs equips young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. We strive to change the mindsets of young people, so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. Our experiential education model instills entrepreneurial and economic principles built for prosperity. We inspire students to overcome barriers and seize opportunities for good.

About 40 percent of American middle- and high-school students say they plan to start a business and/or invent something that will change the world. The majority of these young people need guidance in turning their big ideas into viable businesses, or taking their existing businesses to the next level. A major factor in business success comes from role modeling, but young people in underserved communities simply do not witness enough direct representation of entrepreneurial achievement.

Our youth entrepreneurship program, next-gen business builders—providing students with the support and business role models to succeed.

Participants are guided through four modules: Basics of Business, Developing Your Business Idea; Developing a Financial Plan for your Business; Communication and Public Speaking Skills; and participate in a business pitch competition. Winners are matched with business role models for one-on-one business development and coaching before presenting their final business plans.